Some interesting statistics on UK Film Funding

UK Film Council Single Project Development Funding.

The main way for an independent filmmaker to get a project of the ground.


Awards to UK regions:            4%

Awards to London:       96%


Source: ‘Defying Gravity’, report by Derek Murray for North West Vision



The EU Media Programme Development Funding (2001 – 2006)


Awards to London and Southern England:       85%

Awards to North West England:                           1%



Support for film advertising and marketing


UKFC ‘Specialised’ P & A Fund.

This fund is designed to support the promotion of independent films.




Awards to Foreign films:       83%


(note: most of money going to US majors, with some also to the French giants, Pathe and Gaumont. For example Universal Pictures was awarded a total of £500,000)


Awards to British films:                   17%

(source: UKFC. Note much of this 17% went to the North American and French ‘majors holding the rights to these films)









EU Media Programme 2001 – 2006


Awards to British co’s distributing non-British EU films:  £6million

(in euro’s: 7,957,6609)


Awards for UK festivals etc promoting non-British EU films: £600k


Awarded to the exhibition on non-British EU films:  £2.4 million


It’s not just American and non-British EU films which receive

Support – and when it comes to the UK Film Council, that’s actually

National Lottery money –

It’s pretty much any other foreign film as well!


Example: In 2006 the UKFC awarded more than £40,000 of P&A fund

money to the marketing and promotion of “The Magician”, an

Australian moc-u-mentary about a film student who follows a

professional hit-man around with a camcorder. It was made for about



In the same year they awarded the UK no-budget independent feature,

The Plague”, £1,470. And that was despite the fact that it had been

selected for a significant international award by none other than

Mike Leigh!

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