Just who is this all for?

At one level this is for anyone and everyone who cares. But it’s particularly aimed at anyone who’s been to film school, or done a media degree, and made a short film and who especially doesn’t live in London. Not that aspiring London-based filmmakers don’t have it bad, so they’re not excluded, but in certain cases London may get as much as 96% of the funding, so I’m more concerned with the 4% who are.


Pedro Almodovar half-jokingly wrote that, if you were a young aspiring filmmaker who lived out in the sticks, you should get on the first bus to Madrid. When you got there you had two choices – and he was assuming you were male by the way – one was, if you were pretty enough, to become some form of  bi-sexual gigolo who hung around wherever the film industry hung out; and, if you couldn’t face that, the better option was to become a cocaine dealer who hung out in the same places. This would get you invited to all the film biz parties, your picture would regularly appear in ‘Hello’ magazine, and once you’d become the indispensable best mate of several film producers and financiers, and when you’d got them completely off their faces on your best un-cut Bolivian marching powder at a party, you hit them with your pitch.


Sad, isn’t it. But maybe there’s another way. Let’s hope so.

One Response to “Just who is this all for?”

  1. Eddie Singleton Says:

    Hello Johnathan.
    I stumbled across your writing through a shooting People link and wouldn’t mind reading any further articles you write. Is there any chance of notification of new articles by email? Your site doesn’t seem to have a subscribe tab.

    Best regards.


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