Just what is all this?

This site isn’t really a blog; it’s more of a notebook which addresses the question: how is it that when the UK has one of the most successful television industries in the world, and when the same goes for the music business, how come the same can’t be said about the British film industry? But what do I mean by that?


Well you could say that there’s three different sorts of filmmaking that goes on in the UK. There’s the service sector of studios, technicians and actors etc who are employed by the US movie majors to make some of  their blockbuster films – so there’s no shortage of talent over here. Then there’s what the UK Film Council calls ‘British  Studio Films’ – films which people think of as being ‘British’ because they star Hugh Grant and have only one token US actor but which are curiously bland and predictable and get screened in a multiplex near you – these films are all owned by the US movie majors and they’re bland, dull and stereotypical for the benefit of the US audience (some of these films are French, like “The Queen”, and owned by either Gaumont or Pathe, in which case they may be a bit better); and then there are the ‘truly British films’ which once were interesting independent movies, but today tend to be low-budget versions of ‘studio’ films; these tend to get rightly terrible reviews and very limited, if any, theatrical distribution.


So, when was the last time you saw an independent British film that made you think: brilliant!? How many were made in the last twelve months? Or in the last ten years? And is it really twenty years since the release of Withnail and I? Yep, I’m afraid it is. Something has gone very, very wrong. And it’s time to stop pretending that it hasn’t.

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