2009 – Swedish Films take 1/3rd of the box office

Swedish films’ share of the box office went up from 19% to 32.4 over the past twelve months.  Much of this was down to the success of the Millennium trilogy of crime thrillers based on Stieg Larsson’s best-sellers. Hollywood’s share fell to 54%. But, guess what, Hollywood has announced its intention to acquire the remake rights to these thrillers – yet another example of how the Americans see the rest of the world as a source of raw materials for them to exploit with the same logic as an oil giant or mining corporation.

The Swedish experience is far from unique with local productions seeing major rises at the box office pretty much across the world. Of course the one exception is the UK which continues to be 95% US dominated – to the shame of everything from the British government to the UKFC


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One Response to “2009 – Swedish Films take 1/3rd of the box office”

  1. robinmacpherson Says:

    actually the UK share of the UK box office was:

    2009 16.5%
    2008 31.1%
    average 2002-8 25%

    not brilliant but a lot more than 5%

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