The trouble with most newspaper film journalists is they’re just so uninformed

I have to take issue with the Scotsmans film reviewer’s claim (in their review of the micro-budget piece of torture-porn, “Mum and Dad”) that BBC Films and Film London are “part of a new scheme to artificially foster the kind of independent film scene that spontaneously happened in the US”. This is complete twaddle. The Film Council’s own findings are that approximately 100 indie films per year have been being made in the UK over the past five to six years – and in almost every case completely outside of either the Film Council or regional screen agencies such as Film London.
Now they’ve finally started to wake up to the fact that most filmmakers think they’re a complete waste of time (and Lottery players’ money) and they’re trying to buy themselves some credibility by playing at being ‘executive producers’ and funding some micro-budget features and by sending out self-congratulatory press releases.
The issue of whether Mum and Dad is any good or not is also pretty irrelevant as, like all British independent movies it’s not going to be on at either your local American owned and controlled multiplex, or at your nearest arthouse – wherever that is – as they receive large European (and Film Council) subsidies to show ‘non-British European films’.
Kick start? They couldn’t even kick start a moped!


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